Details of what's happening this year at the Guild, dates and venues of monthly meetings.

The next Guild meeting is Saturday 31 August, enrolment/subscription/membership day, remains at £20 for the year, in the Slemish and Mourne Rooms at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra, Holywood, Co Down.

10am to 4pm

Bead and Chat and shared lunch and 'blind' raffle - bring a wrapped gift - something fun or something 'cheesy' or something beady !

Come along with your current beading project or any unfinished projects you need help with.

Please bring an item for the food bank, if you can.

All welcome !

To help with funds, there will be a small cost of £2 each meeting for tea, coffee, biscuits.



31 August - Slemish and Mourne - Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra

28 September - Belfast Room at the Ulster Museum, Botanic Gardens, Belfast

26 October - Lagan Room - Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra 

30 November - Lagan Room

      December - date and venue to be confirmed

25 January 2020 - Lagan Room

29 February - Lagan Room

21 March - Slemish and Mourne room

25 April - Lagan

30 May - Lagan

27 June - Lagan 




Dates and Venues - 2018 / 19

From September 2017 Guild meetings will take place on the last Saturday of the month (except December, date to be confirmed each year).  Dates and Venues are listed below.



29 September 2018 - Parochial Hall - membership day

Announcements from the Chair - Hello and Welcome ! We have a great Bead Guild year planned - 6 free mini classes, covering a wide variety of projects.

Membership is still £20.

Questions - we have the room available all day - do we want to have longer meetings? we could meet earlier? could we use the time to problem solve from the previous projects?

Do we want more guest speakers?

What else do you want from the Guild? Ideas please, this is your Guild and can only improve with your input and inspiration !

Volunteering - we need volunteers to cover various aspects eg craft shows, displays etc I cannot do these things just now, so please, this is your Guild, everyone has something exceptional to offer, all input is amazing, your skills are worth sharing.  Everyone brings something great to this particular party. 

Sharps box - there is one available now for safe disposal of needles, it will be kept in the boxes.

Gifts - Thank you to all our wonderful instructors who produced interesting and innovative projects for us to make - thank you to Ann, Lorraine, Jill, Eilish and myself ! 

Thank you to the committee who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make this work, thank you to Jill, Margaret, Gabriel, Stephanie, Lis, Eilish and myself.

I would also like to recruit or persuade a willing person to source and apply for grant money for the Guild, we welcome all, we are educational and we promote the traditional craft of beading.

Finally, Ann and Lorraine, who are big supporters and members of the Guild, are hosting a flower festival in the church at Dundela, the church CS Lewis attended, if you had time to visit, you will be made most welcome! 

27 October - 10am to 4pm - Parochial Hall - Santa Star - Eilish

Announcements from the Chair - this year 6 proposed mini classes, you must be a member to take part, this is a condition of the insurance.  Most of our classes are especially designed for us by our members, for our members, so I think it is only right that you join to take part.

Today is the Santa Star, lead by Eilish, preordered kits available £5

Next month is the beaded Owl bauble - lead by Ann and Lorraine

The meeting room is booked from 10am to 4pm, it is available if you want to come earlier to finish a project from a previous meeting, bead and chat etc

A reminder to consider how you can volunteer for the Bead Guild, we always need volunteers to cover events eg craft show, displays, The Guild needs your support

The December meeting will take place on Sat 8 December at the Europa Hotel at 1pm, £5 for coffee, tea, mince pie etc.  sign the sheet and £5 must be paid at November meeting.  The actual cost is £10 but Guild will pay £5 per person.

I would like to welcome Malachi to the role of Funding Hunter !  if anyone has any ideas or can assist please come forward.  The Guild is 10 years old and it would be great to get some money to celebrate, but to do this I need ideas, costs, proposals, so come on people, this is our Guild !

We have a number of new people, who are most welcome, Stephanie is helping with a beginners bracelet for those who don't want to make the Santa. 



24 November - 1 to 4pm - Parochial Hall - Owl Christmas Bauble - Ann & Lorraine

8 December - 1 to 4pm - Europa Hotel


26 January 2019 - 10am to 4pm - Parochial Hall - half tila bead bracelet - Eilish 

Announcements from the Chair - Welcome and Happy New Year ! thank you for the Quince Gin, it's delish !  

Today's project is the Herringbone Bracelet , thank you Eilish.

Our programme is looking good for the rest of the year, with 4 classes and a speaker planned for members, after Christmas membership is £10.

 23 Feb Parochial Hall St Petersburg Stitch1-4pm  Gabriel
 30 March Lagan Room  Speaker -Nancy, Nifty Needles 1-4pm Jill
 27 April Lagan Room  Rivoli Day 1-4pm Eilish, Gabriel, Jill Donna
 25 May Parochial Hall  Catch up day, bring & buy 1-4pm Donna, Jill, Eilish
 28 & 29 June Lagan Room Carrier Beads 10-4pm 

Malachy is setting up a Whatsapp group to enable the Guild to easily pass on infiormation to members.  If you have no Smart phone access, please let us know and we will set up a text group too, although this isn't the preferred method.

Disappointing visit to the hotel in December, it was great last year but sadly 2018 did not live up to expectations.  Looking at alternatives for 2019 and will keep you up to speed on any plans.

It has been suggested we consider a Reverse Advent - to bring items for a food bank to each meeting, and after the meeting a designated person takes the donations to their local one.  Anyone can fall on hard times, and it wouldn't take many unfortunate events to upset any of our lives.

I need ideas for National Bead Week get together on Saturday 27 July - shared lunch, project, catch up bead project, quiz?

Also ideas for next year's programme, stitch workshop, ideas for projects, what do you want to happen?  We need new tutors to volunteer, the same people are doing everything. 



23 February - 1 to 4pm - Parochial Hall - St Petersburg stitch workshop - Gabriel

Welcome !

Today's project / stitch is St Petersburg, examples and stitch printouts available. 

March meeting we will welcome Nancy Moreland from Nifty Needles - 11am to 1pm Dorset Button workshop - £10 for the kit/class.

1pm to 4pm Nancy will give a talk about fabric crafts.

April is Rivoli Day - Gabriel, Jill, Eilish and Donna will demonstrate different techniques.

May will be a Bead and Chat meeting

Thank you for the donation to the food bank.  Ann will take to her local food bank this month.

Committee still considering a weekend retreat - a potential venue is The Mourne Lodge in Attical, near Kilkeel.  We are interested in your thoughts / comments.

Each month there will be a table to display your latest makes / to show off our wonderful creations !

The Ulster Museum in Belfast is hosting Creative Week 11 - 19 May - The Guild would like to attend Sat 18 May and we require volunteers, to demonstrate beading, encourage new members and promote the Guild.

Guild is producing a new flyer to promote the Guild, if anyone would like their bead class listed on the flyer please let Jill know the details.

The Guild now has a Whatsapp group to help with communications, if you don't have a smart phone we will continue to contact you by text in an emergency and the website and Facebook page will be maintained with details of the meetings.

A new challenge has been developed - £5 for the kit, finished piece to be displayed at the May meeting and there will be prizes ! 

There are a small supply of Tulip bead needles available to buy from Donna.


30 March - Lagan Room - 11 to 1pm - Nancy Moreland - Nifty Needles - Dorset Button workshop then 1 to 4pm talk / demo Fabric crafts

Many thanks to Latisha from Nifty Needles for the Dorset Button workshop and talk regarding the wonderful fabric arts from Nifty Needles.  We loved to see the beautiful quilts, fabric folders, table runners etc  very inspirational!

Next month is Rivoli workshop - 4 different demonstrations by Donna, Eilish, Gabriel and Jill - starts at 12 noon.

You will need superduos, delicas, size 11 seed beads and size 15 seed beads.  The Guild will provide rivolis and 3mm bugles.

25 May is Bead and Chat.

28 & 29 June - 2 day workshop with carrier beads and the AGM - you will need delicas and coloured pencils.

Guild is looking for new volunteers for next year to hold a workshop, demonstrate a technique or bead stitch.

We are still considering options for a bead retreat.

Thank you for the contribution to the food bank and to Laura for the delicious scones today.

We are coming to the end of the term for the current committee, please consider if you would like to remain or leave the committee and also any new committee members.

There are pre-loved craft magazines for sale - 50p each and fab storage boxes - all proceeds to Guild funds. 


27 April - Lagan Room - 12 noon to 4pm - Bezel Rivoli Day - Donna, Eilish, Gabriel & Jill 

25 May - Parochial Hall - 1 to 4pm - Bead and Chat



28 and 29 June - Lagan Room - 10am to 4pm - Design and make a carrier bead necklace - Donna, Eilish and Jill - and AGM

Announcements - Welcome all to our AGM and 2 day Carrier bead workshop - an opportunity to design your own pattern and make a carrier bead necklace or bracelet.

2018/19 was a great beading year for the Guild but a difficult year with illness and sad times, hopefully 2019/20 will be better.

End of term for current committee, all agreed to remain in post and Jacque joined as a new committee member.

Emphasis of this committee has been to learn new skills, encourage development, organise mini workshops with Guild tutors which has kept costs low.

Change of insurance and changing meeting date to last Saturday of each month so we can meet at the Museum and not have to rent a room elsewhere has also saved money.  This has meant we can spend money on gifts for tutors, committee members, new babies and flowers when needed.

In 2018/19 Guild year we held 6 project days - owl bauble, super duo/ half tila herringbone bracelet, rivoli day, carrier beads, St Petersburg, Santa Star and we engaged a speaker from Nifty Needles and made Dorset Buttons. 

We have supported food banks all over NI and had a day out at the Europa at Christmas. 

Membership has increased this year too.

We exhibited twice - at Cultra Skills and Crafts day and at the Ulster Museum for Creatathon.

We also introduced - a WhatsApp group for members and committee - a Google Drive Box for pattern sharing.  The website and Facebook page continue to be used.

Guild agreed to start Guild meetings last Saturday in August - 31st this year - venue to be confirmed - for enrolment day - subscription to remain at £20.  It was agreed to charge £2 permonth for tea, coffee, biscuits to aid funds.  Please also bring a small wrapped gift for a 'Blind Ballot' - something fun or 'cheesy'! 

We will mark International Bead Week on Saturday 27 July - Lagan room - 10am to 4pm - Bead and Chat and shared lunch.

A short questionnaire was given out to members for their views, input, ideas. 

Treasurer's Report was given.

The Competition entries were admired and votes taken and congratulations to Jean for her stunning piece - 'Peacock in India'  

Thanks and gifts were given to workshop tutors and committee members. 



27 July - International Bead Week  - Lagan Room - 10am to 4pm - bead and chat - shared lunch

31 August - Enrolment Day - bead and chat - venue to be confirmed